Magnetic Plaster Gem Ceiling and Wall Specialists are proud to announce the addition of British Gypsum Thistle Magnetic Plaster to their range of finishes.

Magnetic Plastering Specialists in Worthing and West Sussex

Magnetic Plaster is exactly that! Plaster that will allow magnetic items to “stick” to it. Lets have a look at some of the uses this quirky and bizarrely sounding plaster can be used for.

A children’s bedroom can have an interactive play wall, for example, so that they can stick magnetic items like toys or letter shapes to it making it also suitable for nurseries.

An office wall can be used for sticking notes too without the need for unsightly notice boards hanging off the walls.

A living room could have pictures hanging on the walls without the need for drilling holes and damaging them making this ideal for rental properties where the Landlord / Landlady wishes their homes to remain in perfect condition.

Magnetic Plaster appears very dark grey / black when wet once it has been applied to the walls and will dry to a mid/dark grey finish. Due to its magnet attracting properties, this effect is determined by the thickness of the plaster with better attraction achieved with a thicker coat than normal. Please bear this in mind if you are planning to use heavy items that will be “stuck” to the surface along with the strength of the magnet(s) being used.

You can paint magnetic plaster with normal emulsion paint as part of a normal domestic/office environment or can be used with more exotic paints such as Blackboard paint.

Magnetic Plaster is not for everyone, we appreciate, due to its properties and cost but in the right environment, such as those shown above or in the demo video shown further on down in this webpage, the effect is amazing and surprisingly cost effective!

We have been quite surprised by how many customers, that we have mentioned this product too, have expressed a lot of interest in and a good number have requested a wall or 2 in their home be plastered with this quirky material!

To find out if this product is suitable for you or just to have a chat in general with us about it, then please do give us a call or use the contact us / request a quote links and we will happily discuss this quirky and popular unique material and what we can do for you to make your space stand out from anyone else!

Magnetic Plaster will not interfere with Wi-Fi signals or electrical items. Magnets, however, will interfere with electrical items if placed too close them. A mention of this is included in the demo video in the next section on this webpage.

We only use British Gypsum Products for our plastering and Thistle Magnetic Plaster. We will not accept or use inferior products offered by other manufacturers.

For information on our other plastering works, visit our comprehensive Plastering page.


This demonstration video by British Gypsum shows several uses for their Thistle Magnetic Plaster from simple to some crazy outrageous items!
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