Floor Screeding Floor screeding can help return a damaged floor back to a flat level surface again

Floor Screeding

Floor screeding can help return a damaged floor back to a flat level surface again

Floors are normally flat and smooth throughout a property. Over time, they can get scratched, gouged, chipped and various other forms of damage occur to them.

If you are simply looking to have a kitchen or a bathroom floor re-levelled from the removal of tiles right through to a new floor being laid in an extension and would like to know more. then please contact us and we will happily sit down and discuss your needs.

Most floors will over time get gouged, scratched or damaged, which means they will no longer remain flat, smooth or level.

This is particulary true if removing floor tiles that have been laid down. Usually people will end up using a kango or similar device to break up and try to chisel tiles away. What happens next, normally, sees both tile and bits of floor being dug up that then requires filling and levelling!

We normally use Cempolatex self levelling compounds for our Latex screeding. This product is ideal for minor imperfections in the floor and small levelling projects.

We also use concrete based mixtures, reinforced as required, for all concrete based screeding. This is generally used for laying a new floor though as opposed to levelling out an existing floor, although it can be used for this purpose.

Although the majority of our floor screeding services concentrate on domestic properties and small rooms such as a bathroom or a kitchen, we can cater for larger projects also that require the usage of a pump delivery system, such as a commercial shop floor being laid for example.

We pride ourself on our Back to Smooth motto for our company which we apply to our plastering and rendering works. This is true for our screeding.

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Very impressed with the professionalism of this company from start to finish, I found all staff most helpful and nothing was too much trouble. They had more than enough dust sheets to cover everything and done a great job ready for paint. Will be using them on other rooms