Suspended Ceilings Our team are specialists in suspended ceilings for use in both public and commercial settings. We generally use the MF Ceiling System as it is ideal for both public and commercial usage. It’s design makes it ideal for using either Gypsum Plasterboard types or Ceiling Tiles in order to create a new ceiling.

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MF Ceilings are modular in design and can be fitted to almost any shape or size of room. A False or a Dropped Ceiling are all commonly associated names. They have been in use throughout the world from as early as 1337 in Japan!

As with all products, they have some good and bad properties. They are resistant to mold, mildew and sagging so can be used in areas such as bathrooms for example. However they can also be easily damaged if maintenance is required and if incorrectly fitted can sag or discolour through usage of incorrect materials. It is comprised of a series of metal tracks, hanging bars and clips which, when assembled, can leave a seamless, hidden grid on which to build.

Although the CasoLine MF Ceiling is our first choice of product, we can, and do, provide other types of suspended ceiling as requirements demand such as Rondo KEY-LOCK®. We can prepare any tiles or Gypsum based plasterboards in readiness for first fixings of a wide range of appliances such as smoke detectors or air conditioner installations so that other trades can simply fit their product in without any fuss. One such use of this product would be ideal for concrete ceilings, for example, where a rewire or other trunking is required as these can be hidden from sight with easy access for any future maintenance.

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