Stretch Ceilings Stretch Ceilings are a new exciting way to either install, replace or cover an existing ceiling with a new age clean, totally blemish free finish that requires zero decoration.

Stretch Ceiling Specialists in Worthing and West Sussex

Strong and lightweight titanium based vinyl panels clipped into a perimeter tracking. Can be installed within 30mm of existing ceilings = quick and easy re-furb or upgrade with no mess or rip out. Completely SMOOTH. Any shape or size accommodated. Can be curved, pitched, waved, domed, circular etc.

Stretch Ceiling in Domestic Use

In the image below, you can see a use for stretch ceilings from a domestic point of view. This was the end product of an extension conversion we carried out that featured a full hidden Dolby Atmos Home Cinema installation in the ceiling, with the stretch ceiling being used to cover the installed speakers so that they were not on sight and leave a perfectly blemish free ceiling in which we added custom LED lighting tracks to the 30mm gaps, mentioned above, to fill in and provide atmospheric remote controlled mood lighting as well as lining the lantern which again had custom LED lighting tracks installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stretch ceilings have been established for over 20 years They come with a Manufacturers 10 Year Guarantee.
There are a Superb range of colours and finishes to be had- Mattes, Satins, Lacquers, Metallics, Suedes, Translucent.
We can add Fibre Optic ‘STARLIGHT’ and ‘SKY’ features for example.. from simple static lighting to the Milky Way in all of its twinkling glory. We can also do stretch walls!
  • Quick and clean to install.
  • Maintenance Fee and easily cleaned.
  • Waterproof – vapour Barrier.
  • CLASS ‘0’ Fire Rated – non-flammable.
  • Easily made apertures for lighting, vents, detectors, etc.
  • Excellent sound absorption and light reflectance properties.
As with any product, there are pro’s and cons and Stretch Ceilings are no different. There is the 30mm gap around the ceiling/wall boundary which may not be to everyone’s taste. They are normally found only in higher end properties, commercial premises like Swimming Pools or Hotels and cost. They will cost a lot more than a plastered ceiling, but a plastered ceiling cannot even begin to match the finish or quality of a Stretch Ceiling.